What We Do

The main goal of the Clan is the promotion of our Clan spirit through sharing and education. We also aim to offer a sense of belonging in kinship and to also propagate our interest in Scotland, the land of our origins and history; and to do all of this in an ever changing and multicultural world.

We hope by meeting our goal of sharing, we can help others retain something of the values we hold true in a world of changing values. This includes our heritage, culture, ancestors, and the hope of growing the strength of our Clan once again.

Clan Muir Society works with the large percentage of Scottish descendents that live in North America to assist in their learning of Scottish traditions, family linage, culture, music, and provide events that can be attended by anyone that has an interest in learning. These activities are offered to all that are interested at little or no cost to the participant.

These activities are carried out by volunteers that have joined the Society. Some of these members have been given additional responsibilities and assigned the roles of Regional High Commissioner and Convener for the purpose of organizing regional events and activities which include Scottish style gatherings, Highland Games sponsored by other Scottish Societies, music events, golf outings, and other learning activities as needed. These activities are made possible by the donations from the general public as well as the Societies membership donations.

Most activities occur around the schedule of the Highland Game sponsors that make exhibition space available for Scottish Clan’s around the world. These spaces usually consist of an area of 10 x 10 ft, with a table and a few chairs. The host will come in and decorate the space with the goal of teaching passing visitors about the Clan’s history, current activities, and hope to gain interest enough to have the visitor assist by taking on responsibility in the Society to educate others.

Most of the activities are held locally to where the members reside in North America. Many States in the US have Highland games that we endeavor to attend. Other fund raising idea events are also conducted in the areas of the majority of our members. These activities are geared toward all people that are interested in the Scottish culture.

All of our activities are held with little to no cost to our visitors which puts a large burden on our fund raising activities. With our mission to educate all that are interested in the roots of their ancestors, every cent we receive is important to our mission. As we work with our visitors, we passively hope for a donation which allows us to continue our growth which in turn helps us reach most interested people.

With our activities spread all over North America, our time invested is pretty constant. All of the Officers of the organization have full time jobs that keeps the lights on but all other time is volunteered into making sure the Society reaches its short term and long term goals.

Funding is challenging because, as with most not-for-profit companies, we try to do as much with as little as possible. We do, from time-to-time present activities to our members and ask for donations to complete these activities. We also ask new members for a donation which helps fund all other activities. We also are constantly on the look out for in-kind donations to help us meet our operating goals. Our plan in the future is also to explore grant money that may be set aside for our type of education and research missing.

How can you help? We are always looking for willing hands and minds to assist us. We work very hard to insure our culture is not lost. If you are interested in helping, the first step is to join us. We hope you make this step in helping us keep this important learning going.

We welcome all that are interested and that share the same desires and hope you will visit the Society Online to find out more about how you can help.