Welcome – Come in a look around

Welcome are you, to step into the past a bit and fulfill your longing to belong with the stories of our clansmen and women gone by and those still near and dear. Nay be your sighs for yearning of yesteryear, for their blood runs deep within us and leads us forward in honor of our heritage and the celebration of our life as a ‘Muir’ Scot.


  1. Janet Millman - Reply

    I would love to join the society of Muir. As my Grandparents ( Muir ) were from Ayrshire. Do not know to much about them as my father died in 1968 ,

  2. Melissa Marino - Reply

    Hello, I am very happy to have found this site. My grandmother was a Muir, her family was traced to Glasgow. Could you help me find the right spot to join? I’m sorry, I can’t find a link to join. Thank you!

    Melissa M

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