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Welcome are you, to step into the past a bit and fulfill your longing to belong with the stories of our clansmen and women gone by and those still near and dear. Nay be your sighs for yearning of yesteryear, for their blood runs deep within us and leads us forward in honor of our heritage and the celebration of our life as a ‘Muir’ Scot.


  1. Janet Millman - Reply

    I would love to join the society of Muir. As my Grandparents ( Muir ) were from Ayrshire. Do not know to much about them as my father died in 1968 ,

  2. Melissa Marino - Reply

    Hello, I am very happy to have found this site. My grandmother was a Muir, her family was traced to Glasgow. Could you help me find the right spot to join? I’m sorry, I can’t find a link to join. Thank you!

    Melissa M

  3. Pauline Rainey - Reply

    I am a descendant from New Zealand Dunedin, 5th generation from the very first boats for Scotland .
    I am keen to trace my heritage. Pauline Rainey new Muir

  4. Amelie Muir - Reply

    My last name is Muir, and I’m interested about the clan. I don’t know how to join, would you be able to help?
    Amelie M

  5. Lorna Margaret Muir - Reply

    My name is Lorna Muir, my father was one of five brothers my grandfather came from Dunfermline.Woild be very interested in joining your society.i currently live in Aylesbury Buckhinghzmshire England

  6. Kaylee Muir - Reply

    My Grandfather, John Muir, is direct kin to the John Muir of Dunbar 1838. Looks just like him too!!

    • Tammy Muir Apple - Reply

      Hi! My father and grandfather are both named John Muir! Would love to know if we are also related to the naturalist!

  7. Derek Moore - Reply

    I am a Moore of descent of Gilchrist Muir. Obviously there is a departure of spelling in surname over the hundreds of years though Norway, Germany , and England before reaching colonial America.
    It has been slightly difficult to been difficult to trace my maternal line back to the point of Gilchrist Muir. From what I’ve read from other sites this, ancestral line qualifies me for membership.

  8. Robert Moore - Reply

    Per my Y DNA, I’m traceable to a people from County Antrim who were Cruthin/Dal nAraidi, who later moved to Ayrshire and were part of Clan Boyd, there. There are remarkable parallels in Clan Boyd Moores and Clan Muir, and as Muir was a Sept, this only makes sense. However, some of the claims made here (descendants of Picts, traceable to Fergus Mor, etc) are contrary to Y DNA. Please contact me as I’d like to discuss this further.



  9. James Muir - Reply

    HI, My name is James Adam Muir and I was born and live in Australia. My late father was born in Toronto, Canada and my grandfather in Govan, Scotland, killed in the later stages of WW2. I would like involvement with Clan Muir. Please advise how.

  10. Lauren Feldshau - Reply

    I’ve traced my Scottish Muir heritage back to 1688! The last Muir in my family tree is my paternal great-great grandmother, and it’s through her paternal line that I’ve been able to get back to the 1600s. I’m very excited to learn more about Scottish culture and plan to visit someday! I would love to have more info about clan-ship!

  11. Letetia Moor - Reply

    Researching my husband’s heritage for my children and future grandchildren now that we have a wedding in the planning stages. We know his great grandmother arrived in the USA with her sons in the early 1700’s and what happened after, but would love to know how she got here and where she stepped off the Scottish homeland.

  12. William John Muir - Reply

    Hello, my name is William John Muir living in Germany/now in Hilden since 1975 , my Father is still living in Scotland/Motherwell , my Grandpa from Motherwell died in the early 80`s William Muir , Great Grandpa named Rutherford ….Great and Very Interesting finding this Website……All the Best to All Durum Patencia Frango

  13. Kathleen Muir - Reply

    Hello, my name is Kathleen Muir and I live on Long Island (NY). I am the 4th generation of Muirs to be raised in the US, and from what I’ve learned my family came from Ayrshire. I always got asked if I was related to the famous John Muir, but I never quite knew what to tell people. I suppose in a way, we’re all kin in some way.

  14. Maxwell Muir - Reply

    Latha math,

    my family is originally from Dalkeith, Scotland but we migrated south to live in Manchester, England. Today I live in San Diego, California.

    Was wondering if you’ve seen Laura Muir, the famous runner. She always runs with the leading group and in the last lap starts sprinting, leaving everyone else behind. Her face is all screwed up on that last lap, and after the race she lies down on the ground to recover, because she puts everything she’s got into the race! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyxQDb5AWa8

    Tapadh leit!

  15. Pamela Moore Woodfin - Reply

    Per my DNA test, I am 21% Scott. It appears I am from Clan Muir; however, I haven’t been able to trace my Moore heritage back to Scotland. Through Ancestry, I haven’t been successful past my 3rd Great Grandfather John Moore 1827-1905. I know where he is buried and have visited and cleaned his headstone as well as his wife Sara McGaha from Rutherfordton, NC. I recently received a hit on ancestry that says Jacob Moore from Mass. may be John’s father, but I haven’t been able to verify that. If I am from the Clan Muir descendants, I would love to become a member of this Society. Can you please advise me?

  16. Beverley Murray - Reply

    My maiden name is Muir. I am so glad to have found this groip. I was recently told that our clan no longer exists and our family tartan is now called the Californian tartan. I was horrified that this could happen. Bollocks we dont exist,loud and proud clan Muir always I say. Would love to join this group

  17. Vona Van Cleef - Reply

    Working on family genealogy from time to time, the Muirs have been the most elusive. A great-great-grandfather was Oliver Perry Muir, born in Kentucky in 1851 and died in Missouri in 1899, but I haven’t been able to trace farther back than that.

  18. Samantha Moir - Reply

    I would love to log my info.
    My surname is Moir, my Father was born in Alyth, Scotland. My uncle is Martin Moir.
    My grandfather was born in Scotland. His mother was Mary Moir, her brother was George Moir.
    I was born in Livingstone, Scotland.
    I know live in Australia.

    I would like to make contact to log our information.

    Samantha Moir

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