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Muir’s of all spelling variants are acknowledged to have defended from the Pictish race of Celts, and commonly in both Ireland and Scotland. Many of those spellings can be traced to different locations around the world. These include:

Muir/More/Moore/Mure – Ayshire and areas southwest Scotland
Moar – Orkney and Shetland
Moir – Aherdeenshire and southwest
Mohr – Central lowlands
Mor – Central lowlands
O’More – Ireland
O’Morhda – Ireland
O’Moore – Ireland

The most ancient version of the name is O’Mordha from the word ‘Mordha’, Gaelic for noble, or stately, and the Irish ‘O’More / O’Mordha’ is the current version of this.


  1. Christine Elizabeth Moore - Reply

    I am trying very hard to find my family. I am the eldest daughter of Alan Samuel Fraser Moore( b 02/02/1936), and Kilwinning . Youngest son of Agnes McMenemy Moore (b 11/11/1897)& .Samuel Moore(b 02/10/1891. Herdstown, “County Down.Ireland”) . Married 30/03/1917, at home of Agnes, 4 vaults lane. Kilwinning. I am trying to return home. I was dragged to the Colonial Australia i 1966, aged 6. My father and I do not speak. He did not understand how difficult it is to help an alcoholic. My youngest daughter, Abigail Loiuisa Moore , b 03/04/1999, is DR CHRISTOPHER YEOs’, youngest daughter. A child co cieved by me after years of gynecology, determining I was barren. (Cervical cancer(1988), Ovarian cancer (1995). My second d daughter, Lucinda Antoinette McGuire, b 07/03/19, was conceived after 2 years of IVF , by donor, and immediate stitching with a partial synthetic womb.Donor known. Malcolm McGuire( ex husband. 1985- 1993). He left me with the children because he wanted Lucy to be lied to and i refused. He remarried his workplace Partner, Tracey Yaffa, divorced after 6? Years. One child Alex McGuire b 2000?)He has remarried a third time. All marriages he has walked away without care of children, therefore accumulation of
    Much $$$$.My first daughter, Prudence Elizabeth McGuire,(b 10/09/1986) has CYSTIC FIBROSIS. Known to have origins in Ireland.
    I have served Australia as a Secondary Educator for over 4 decades. My career wss cut short by a KNOWN PREDATOR PRINCIPAL without PRINCIPLES.

  2. JD Longmire - Reply

    I am researching the history of my family name “Longmire” and it seems to trace back to Clan Muir – would be interested in any validation of that.

  3. Diane Cheney - Reply

    My grandmother was Mary Muir. She was either a niece or a cousin of John Muir. As I understand it a large group of Muirs came to the US and Canada at the same time. She married a man from upstate New York, Named Henry Edwin Cheney. She died in Beaverton Oregon, I’m not sure what year, but I believe she was buried in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. Like her uncle Mary enjoyed moving around

  4. Moreland - Reply

    Hey my name is Moreland, from Tennessee in United States of America. My father was an orphan and trying to find out if Moreland was associated with the Muir clan. Any info appreciated!

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