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Clan Muir Hierarchy

There are two sides to the hierarchy of our Clan. We have chosen the best distributed layout to support getting our message out and one that insures the most coverage in reaching new potential members.

Clan Muir Society

The Society is made up of elected officials that are chosen by the Clan's members for a period of one year. These posts are to aid in the running of the Society in its daily duties and are responsible for the legal aspect of the organization.

Clan Muir

Clan Muir is a true ancient Clan of Scotland. With this being the case, from then until now, we have had the same basic structure. With Clan Muir being an Armigerous Clan, we currently have the position of Chief open. With that being the case, the responsibility of running the Clan falls to its officials which are the Clan Regional High Commissioners. This will be the case until the High Commissioners can follow the process defined by the Court of the Lord Lyon, the official heraldic authority for Scotland, to elect a new leader. There are claims from other organizations that believe to have Guardianship of the Clan but this claim is not true.

The officials follow this basic guideline:

Clan Muir Regional Organization Chart.jpg

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