Clan Facts

Throughout the years, many facts and lore have been associated with Clan Muir. As being one of the oldest Clan’s in Scotland, these have carried forward from generation to generation and are believed to be true. Below are a few of those items that are considered accepted by the Clan’s members:

Name Change:
The variant of the Mure spelling of the name was borne by the poet Edwin Muir (1887-1959), who belonged to the little island of Wyre in Orkney and he shared this spelling with the two distinguished brothers, John Muir the Sanskrit scholar and Sir William Muir the biographer of Mohammed.

The Clan Chief:
Clan Muir is an Armigerous Clan which is to say we currently do not have a Chief. There is a movement in the Clan to begin the long process of having one appointed.

The Last Chief’s Coat of Arms:

There is a widespread misconception that a family or a clan can have a family or clan Coat of Arms. Many heraldic and clan web sites and other media suggest that a person has the right to use the family or clan Arms. This is completely incorrect.

A Coat of Arms belongs only to one individual person and can only be used by that person and no one else. In order for a person to be able to use a Coat of Arms it is necessary for that individual person to apply for a personal Coat of Arms to be granted to him or her.

The Last Chiefs
Coat of Arms

However, it is permitted for a member of a clan to use the Clan Crest which is included in our Strap and Buckle Badge.

The Clansman’s Strap and Buckle Badge:


The Clan’s Tartan:

Clan Muir Modern Tartan

As listed with The Scottish Register of Tartans Moore/Muir Tartan at the Tartan Register UK

Clan Septs We Belong to: None

We are claimed by:Clan Campbell, Clan Gordon, Clan Leslie, Clan Boyd, and Clan Grant. With the resurgence of Clan Muir, we are happy to call ourselves a sept of no other Clan and invite all Clan Brothers and Sisters home.

The Clan Plant – The Rowan Tree

The Clan Ancestral Castle – Rowallan

Before Refurbishment